They say patience is a virtue!!!


A school function was on the agenda tonight. My kids’ school was celebrating their 90th anniversary and a lot of people had turned up to join in the festivities. Children with their parents, grandparents and family friends were all there and it was great that so many wanted to be there to celebrate. All the classes were performing, so were my kids in the first and sixth grade. The grown ups crowded around the kids to take pictures and film the little ones as they sang and danced their little numbers. After everyone had done their bit it was time to go in to the gym to buy cakes and coffee in the ‘cafe’. That is when the fun really began…

I have lived in London for seven years and must admit I have a great respect for their queuing culture, it seems like it is something the English are just born with. No one likes to wait in line but when it is done in an orderly and respectful fashion it just makes the experience a little more pleasant… And it all seems to go a bit faster…. My countrymen here in Norway however have not been born with this queuing mentality, as I experienced tonight. There was a sea of people lining up to get in a tiny door, there was no definite start or end to the line and people joined and left the line willy nilly. Children snuck blatantly in line and no one said a word…for ages we were stood still in the same spot with absolutely no movement at all!!! 30 minutes we waited to get a piece of chocolate cake…the cake was good though… Then we all went home, mrlovely, Ulrikke , Oliver and I… Oliver decided to throw a tantrum on the way to the car… ‘Breathe in, breathe out’ I told myself… Yes patience is a virtue so I must be truly virtuous tonight!

Now we are all well home, dinner has been eaten and bedtime is looming for the little ones…. It truly was a good thing that so many turned up to celebrate the school tonight and the kids were really, really cute when they performed their little songs….😊


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