A day of rest…


Sunday!!! The previous efforts of the week have taken their toll. Mrlovely and I decided that since everything was more or less done in mrlovely’s old apartment today was going to be a day of relaxation. We woke up at our own leisure, Oliver was up before us but we stayed in bed until we felt it was time to get up at about 10 o’clock. Put on the coffee and started cooking a proper breakfast together. Eggs, bacon, Heinz baked beans and fried mushrooms and tomatoes, a breakfast for champions!!! After breakfast we tidied up and then lazied about reading papers and drinking coffee. I did my proactive face mask and tidied at the same time we had invited my mom and dad for dinner as a thank you for all the help they had given us. I made får i kål, a lamb and cabbage stew, really tasty and incredibly simple.

As the stew cooked I could go about puttering around doing the things I needed/wanted to do. I had big plans of painting my nails but still haven’t gotten around to it but my face mask is always part of my beauty regime. I have been asked how my lashes are so long? Do I have extensions? The answer is no but I do use a serum that has really worked for me and I highly recommend it…Stimulash fusion…



Ulrikke got home from her cabin trip at about two thirty. Seeing as the rest of us were in lazy mode we still weren’t dresses. Ulrikke and I had a little chat about her trip just to catch up and then we all went to get dressed. I put on my new sweater I bought at ladies night at Decent and my new Marc Jacobs bracelet that I ordered on shopbop and arrived with ups on Friday, love it a nice addition to my pink one to stack with my watch…


As the stew was done and potatoes were boiled it was perfect timing for our guests to arrive…and they did!!! We ate, we talked and enjoyed ourselves. As they went home mrlovely, the kids and I decided we should watch a movie, we have a big bowl of candy to enjoy with it.

It’s nice to take time and have time to do the little things that make you smile…who knows…maybe I’ll even paint my nails before the night is over??? Aaaahhhhh it’s a hard life 😉


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Bachelor i Pr og Markedskommunikasjon fra Handelshøyskolen BI Oslo. Bloggen min er en platform for meg å dele tanker og ideer rundt kommunikasjonsbransjen. Jeg har nylig opprettet mitt eget kommunikasjonsbyrå, Lovlie Communication, men jeg jakter fortsatt etter drømmejobben.