Say yes to the dress!!!


Monday morning relatively early, 9.00 o’clock train to Oslo. I was going in to order my wedding dress with mrs. J, my maid of honor. We were going to have a nice girlie day shopping, eating lunch and I was finally going to order my dress. I had already been in to Oslo,at Kristin’s Brudesalong in Bygdøy allee, with my mother and had decided which dress to order but today I was going in with mrs. J and of course I had to just see what else they had gotten in, that’s just part of the fun! First thing first we had some shopping to do, my appointment wasn’t until two. We grabbed some breakfast and then headed off to House of Oslo. Mrs. J had a soap dispenser she needed to buy, she is a very careful shopper where I am not… We looked in a few different clothes shops as well but my mind was probably a bit preoccupied by the appointment ahead… It was a beautiful sunny day with a crisp tinge in the air and spirits were high.

Two o’clock rolled in and we went in to the bridal store. I had been to one other store before Kristin’s bridal but had not been satisfied with the service. At Kristin’s I had met Trude who really knew her stuff. I had explained the concept around the wedding and she immediately understood what I wanted, she saw me and found a selection of beautiful dresses. With the theme of casual garden style wedding I needed to be casual but still a bride. I tried on the dress I had decided on first and it was gorgeous… I tried on a few more, lovely but not quite right… When I had been to the store with my mother there had been a dress that was a close second, very different to the one I decided on but equally as beautiful, I asked Trude if I could try that one on again. When I put it on the atmosphere changed in the room…I was in serious doubt as to wether my original choice was the right one… I called my mother, a bit pathetic I know but this was kind of a big decision to make. I sent pictures of the two dresses back to back, my opinionated daughter chirped in on the phone and my mind was made up, it had to be the other dress. This may all seem a bit trivial in one way but I so want to feel right on the day. So the decision went from Pronovias to Jesus Peiro, and that is all I will say 😉 With heart pounding and shaky hands I placed my order and paid the deposit…no turning back now!!!

After the bridal shop mrs. J and I went to grab a quick lunch before mrlovely came to pick us up to drive back home. In the car we were chatting and laughing, at times I got really quiet. A secret smile played on my lips thinking about my one step further towards happiness for the rest of my life…

It was a happy day and mrs. J and I agreed that we were glad we got to share it together 😊





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