When the whole universe conspires FOR you!!!


What an amazing weekend!!! Everything has just been easy… Friday started out fantastic and Saturday wasn’t any less fantastic in its own right. Mrlovely and I had to pack and put in some elbow grease to get as much as possible done. His family came over at two to see if they wanted some stuff, pots and pans and such that we don’t need. We had to put in some good hours of hard work before we got dolled up to go out to dinner at eight. It was our anniversary and mrlovely had made reservations at a beautiful restaurant on Aker Brygge, Onda the sea. It was a surprise where we were going I had just been told to wear something nice, a dress was appropriate. I brought my Alexander Wang dress that mrlovely has recently bought me. Black, backless and very classy with a hint of sexy…😉


We finished up packing and we are very efficient when we work together, a quality I value. Got dressed and off we went. Got to the restaurant, I’ve never been there before but mrlovely has. Great service, beautiful surroundings and the best of company (my mrlovely). We ordered a seafood platter for two and it was delicious, oysters, lobster, langoustine, king crab and prawns. After dinner we had some beautiful desserts.

We decided to go for a walk around Aker brygge and over to Tjuvholmen to look at life and people, there were a lot of people out and about since it had been the Oslo marathon. It was so lovely strolling with my man, warm and fuzzy feelings tingling in our tummies. We rounded a corner when we heard a big bang! Quickly we walked back to see what it was…a huge firework display. It was beautiful and powerful and so so romantic, that is when we both felt like the whole universe was conspiring to make this a magical night.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…it’s the simple things in life that count. Sure we had a fantastic meal at a wonderful restaurant but it was the feeling that created the mood of the evening. I feel pretty lucky having what I have and try to remember to show my gratitude every single day…that is important!!!



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