Spontaneous and pleasant turn of events…


It was Friday and a weekend without kids again. This weekend will be spent packing up mrlovely’s flat in Oslo. I went in to meet him at work. We didn’t have any specific plans today and were prepared for a full day of packing and working on Saturday and Sunday. After mrlovely and I left his work we found that we were quite hungry and decided to go for burgers at Fridays on Karl Johan. This is not a gourmet experience but its simple good food that fills you up…sometimes that is just what you need. After dinner I was stuffed. We started to walk around it was a beautiful fall evening. The kind of magical time when the sun shines but you can feel the little bite of cold in the air from the seasons changing. We walked down to Aker brygge where they were setting up for Oslo marathon. We looked up at Akershus Festning…it was such a lovely evening and when mrlovely suggested that we go up there for a stroll and a look around I felt this was a great idea for both body and soul, I know my overfilled belly would certainly appreciate it. As we walked up there I started to wonder if I had actually been and looked around there before…I must have been on a school trip or something surely…I’m really not sure but there was something kind of exciting about playing tourist in what almost is my home town.


Mrlovely acted as my tour guide on our exploration walk. He is a very smart man who knows a lot about a lot of things, my little nerdy pants as I call him, and I love that about him!!!


He told me things about the history of the fortress, things I’ve learned before but forgotten. I love learning about and exploring new places and this was such an unexpected little turn of events that was gladly welcomed…


Sometimes it’s the unplanned, spontaneous little detours that can bring such joy to you. The experiences that don’t cost anything and aren’t planned weeks in advance but just happen, this is what we felt as we walked around and looked at our beautiful Capitol city.



Others were walking around too, some tourists and some not. We love people watching seeing a little glimpse into someone else’s lives that you may never meet again. We spotted one young couple, they weren’t holding hands, he was talking animatedly, she was listening dutifully…they were getting to know each other, a first date, this made both mrlovely and me smile…



As our walk around the fortress came to an end we decided to continue down into the city, old Christiania. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and felt it was a very romantic way to spend a Friday evening. We ended up going to an old pub by Bankplassen where we talked a lot and got the warmth back into our bodies.


We went back to the car and decided to drop by the local movie theatre to see if anything was playing…we bought tickets to see “We’re the Miller’s” ten minutes before it started. It was hilarious and comes highly recommended…😊😉

All in all it was pretty much as perfect as a Friday night could be…no plans, no agenda just pure and simple…like I said perfect!!!



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