Wedding bells are ringing…in the not so distant future


Mrlovely got back from London late last night…happy campers in this house you could say. Sometimes it’s nice to feel how much you miss and appreciate each other but this time I must admit that the experience was not really a pleasant one but we got through it in one piece…😉

Today life is back to normal and all is right in the world. Having the day off I spent it doing some enjoyable errands. We are getting married next summer (June 28 to be exact) and the vision of the big day and plans are in full swing. I fully admit that I am a bit of a control freak and have already booked all the things I need to book…church, location, photographer, wedding car, food, band, hair/makeup, bought shoes, and yes I have found my dress…😉 All these things as I see it are the frame for the day we are planning. To some my early planning may seem a bit excessive to others not. I feel it’s a way to keep as much stress as possible at bay when the big day approaches.

The “vision” is a casual country style wedding. We are getting married in an old stone church and having the party at a nearby farm (Tufte gård). It will be small, intimate and incredibly romantic with lots of flowers, candles and fairy lights and some little personal touches that mean a lot to mrlovely and me. It will be a fairly small event with just the closest of family and good friends to help celebrate our happiness. A buffet style dinner will help give a feel of casualness but there will definitely be a touch of style, class and fabulousness. Anyway today I spent with my mother visiting the florist we will be using. I showed her some pictures of the bouquet I want and some idea boards I’ve made on Pinterest. It was nice when I saw how excited the florist became when I showed her my ideas…

All in all a good day that was finished off with a lovely dinner, on our date night, with mrlovely. I am a happy girl, very happy indeed 😊

Follow my Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas: Casual garden style wedding




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