Fashion is my passion…

It’s become a bit of a joke amongst my friends that I am casually fabulous…
I must admit that I am a girl who loves beautiful things. I keep up with fashion trends, I love exclusive designer clothes and accessories but my wallet does not always support them. Casually fabulous is more of a state of mind than what I actually wear. It is what makes you FEEL exclusive…the way you combine different things that make you feel cool and trendy…you have to OWN your style, I don’t know if this makes any sense???

Anyway here are my top six accessories that I love and make me feel casually fabulous at the moment!!!

1) My Marc Jacobs handbag…


It’s big enough to keep all my little bits and bobs in, I always have lots, and has enough pockets and compartments in it for me to find said bits and bobs.

I inherited a gold bracelet from my maternal grandmother when I was a baby and the bracelet has been lying in my jewelry box ever since. Last summer I decided I would sell the bracelet and use the money for something I would use and so that is what I did and I bought the hand bag…my grandmother was a casually fabulous woman too so I think she would approve…

2) My Christian Lacroix silk scarf…


This beautiful scarf was given to me by mrlovely on our trip to Paris last summer. He could see I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and being the incredibly sweet man he is he decided to buy it for me. I love this scarf and use it with almost everything…it is perfect with a chic classical look but I prefer to use it to liven up a simple t-shirt and jeans…


3) My Marc Jacobs watch and bracelet…


I bought the watch in Bangkok airport on my way back from an amazing once in a lifetime girls trip in February to Thailand.
I saw on Instagram a picture of my watch with bracelets, they had stacked it, and absolutely loved the look…had to have it!!! On our trip to Paris my one goal was to find Marc Jacobs bracelets to stack with my watch. I found one, hot pink, chunky and it was on sale 40% off…bargain!!! I wear them with everything.

4) This next item is not so much an accessory but an item of clothing. It’s my Malene Birger dress that I also bought on sale just before my trip to Paris. It’s just so cute I throw it on, wear it with ballerina shoes, high heeled ankle boots or my motorcycle boots. Throw on a scarf, cool earrings and my bag and I’m good to go…


5) Sunglasses…


I love sunglasses usually big sunglasses and have collected different ones over the years. I try to buy styles that are “in” but not so trendy that I can’t wear them the following years. My favorites are my Christian Dior, Prada and Rayban glasses…

6) My engagement ring…


Simply beautiful!!! Love, love, love it…goes with everything!!!

I do realize that all the things I’ve listed aren’t cheap. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t shop a lot but buys things that are special. Items I use but take care of. I have several items in my closet that I have had for over ten years… I love mixing different styles and finding cool contrasts that work together. That’s me being me. It’s important that you find what makes you…you!!!


4 thoughts on “Fashion is my passion…

  1. Yeah, I also love all branded item. But unlucky my wallets also not support. Lol!
    I agree shopping during sale. It sometimes not only shopping till you drop but also can make your jaw drop!


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