Surviving Friday the 13th…


I am a little bit more than averagely superstitious! I don’t walk under ladders, I don’t put shoes on the table, I say a little rime every time I see a black cat and I have never broken a mirror (touch wood)….you get the picture. I am a person who is injected with a healthy dose of positive thinking though so I decided this day was going to be a good day!!!

I started off in the normal fashion sending the kids off to school and then went down to meet one of my closest friends for breakfast at my favorite coffee place Traktern. It was really nice it had been a while since we had spent any quality time together. We talked about this and that and then strolled through town to window shop. This is when I fell in love!!!

I fell in love with a set of dining room table and chairs… It would be perfect in our little house. It’s sort of a time for renewal for me. We are creating a new life mrlovely and I together in my house with my kids so it seems only fitting that some of the interior decorating should go from mine to ours 😉


After spending a lovely morning with my friend, also filling her in on our plans for our wedding, I went to pick up Oliver from school. We went home and soon enough Ulrikke arrived home and then mrlovely. We went down to town to do some shopping for dinner. We walked around town, it was a lovely fall afternoon, sun shining and there was a food market on in the town square. It was one of those days when everyone was enjoying themselves without any set agenda or plans, one of those days when you have a warm feeling in the pit of your tummy just because…


Wandering around I bumped into another one of my close friends who I,for whatever reason, lost touch with for a while but recently reconnected with. One of those friends who you just click back into your old routines with like no time has passed at all. And it was really nice to see her…

Mrlovely, Ulrikke, Oliver and I decided to go out to eat at Peppes pizza instead of eating at home and that was really nice too. After dinner we all went home and watched the Hunger games, ate a lot of candy and just relaxed like you should on a Friday night.

This morning saturday 14 mrlovely left for a business trip to London. He won’t be back until late Wednesday night and I already miss him!!! I know I am truly blessed having found him. After my divorce five years ago I was left broken. I was a woman in her early thirties alone with two small children. I take marriage seriously, my parents have been married for 53 years! I felt like a failure but…”everything happens for a reason”. I learned a lot about myself through the years after my divorce and I see the hard times as a blessing because I would never be the person I am today if it wasn’t for life’s hard lessons. When I had pretty much given up on love, when I felt perfectly content being on my own with my gorgeous little ones that’s when I met my mrlovely. Never have I met anyone who is so giving and accepting. Someone who makes me be the very best version of me. The me who wants to make him happy everyday, a best friend who I can tell everything without being judged just appreciated. That’s how love should be right? Isn’t that what they write all the songs about? Anyway now he is off on his trip and we will have to fend for ourselves, I think we will manage…just…😉


So Friday 13 went by without too many mishaps, sure a fair amount of full glasses of soda was being knocked over but for a superstitious girl like me I think I can learn to live with that. I wish every Friday was Friday the 13th 😉


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