And who was the loudest soccer mom of them all???

Today has pretty much been like any other day in the lives of us busy moms. Sent the kids off to school and ate some breakfast, drank some coffee…chores, tidy and so on and so forth…

Oliver has very recently started playing football/soccer and today was his first game. Although the game didn’t start until 17.00 I still had like a thousand little things I had to do before that. After football I had two dance classes to teach back to back so you know it was all go, go, go after the game. I got my things done, made some new choreography for my classes and off we go to the game…Ulrikke, Oliver and myself, mrlovely was meeting us at the game on his return from work.

As we get closer to the field the clock was approaching 17.00. As Oliver has just started to play football we still haven’t bought him a uniform yet, you know give it a chance and see if he likes it first, so we borrowed one. I look at my sweet little boy, running around with the other six year old boys acting like boys. The time strikes game start and coach calls the little guys inn for a team huddle and cheer then off they go… I look at my little boy run around fast, he’s really fast. He gets in there at the ball quite a lot and kicks it to the best of his ability. This is brand new to him but he’s good and I’m really proud of him. We stand there at the side lines with the other supportive parents, mrlovely, Ulrikke and I. As I stand there a primal urge rises within me and I start to shout and cheer, louder than anybody else but I just don’t care…I cheer for Oliver shouting words of encouragement, I shout for the other little boys who score goals and I shout for the team…common you can do it!!! And they win…not because I shouted but because they were having a good day and because they were having fun!!! Oliver was pleased with himself after the game and we were pleased that he showed so much potential for something he enjoys!

After the game it was a pit stop at home for Ulrikke and me, she’s in my first dance class. New program, only the second class, little girls concentrating on getting everything right. Me being me, demanding, engaging and encouraging. It was fun. Ulrikke tells me as I put her to bed that some of the girls had sort of copied me and the way I tell them to do things…she was pretty sure they weren’t being mean, they just think that I’m funny…we agree that it doesn’t matter if I can seem a bit overly enthusiastic because at the end of the day my classes are fun and that’s the most important part.

It always amazes me how much you learn from your children. Today I learned a lesson I’ve learned before…it doesn’t matter if you are slightly different in some ways as long as you are true to you and it’s always important to have fun in whatever you do…

Now it’s some hot tea for me….got a sore throat you see…😉



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